Calling an angel

Call your guardian angel with Engelsrufer jewelry of the collection Calling an angel.

Where the angels fly

Where the angels fly, the heavenly Engelsrufer collection about jewelry of angels will give you wings.

Energy of the moon

Engelsrufer collection energy of the moon. Discover the 4 elements of our luna pendants and follow the spirituality of the 7 Engelsrufer chakra.

Little magic

Be enchanted by the Engelsrufer collection little magic. Magical wings and sparkling stars make these pieces of jewelry to something very special.

Love of heaven

Love of heaven, a lovingly jewelry collection by Engelsrufer about the tear of heaven.

With love

With love, the Engelsrufer jewelry collection that comes from the heart.

Bright like a diamond

Discover sparkling jewelry highlights in the collection bright like a diamond by Engelsrufer.

Indian summer

Indian summer, the Engelsrufer collection about dreamlike feather jewelry and pieces of jewelry with pearls.

1001 nights

Be enchanted by oriental pieces of jewelry of the Enelsrufer collection 1001 nights.

The 7 chakras

The 7 Chakra collection by Engelsrufer, mirror of our consciousness and spirituality.

Real gold

Discover the Engelsrufer real gold collection. High-quality pieces of jewelry made of 9, 14 and 18 carat white gold, rose gold and real gold.