The first perfume collection of Engelsrufer

- Exclusively available at Douglas -


The idea to call your personal guardian angel with an individual sound developed

a heavenly and succesful jewelry collection seven years ago: Engelsrufer.

Now Engelsrufer goes a step further with its own parfum collection.

Aurora, Luna, Love and with Love. Fragrances as gentle as a promise.

The fragrances are packed up in precious flasks.

A true highlight collection in the world of fragrances.

Available exclusively at Douglas and






Our hearts are connected! This amusing fragrance delivers this quite special message if you give it away with love and if it is carried with joy.

Engelsrufer with love. The flask design was felt to the heart of the jewellery collection. A femininely formed heart, enclosed by the typical Engelsrufer tendrils lends this love message the right expression. A hand flatterer one simply would not like to let go - only if it is given away with love.









Now only for a short time! In limited edition Engelsrufer presents Golden Wings with real 23-carat-golden particles: a smell, inspired by the poetic beauty of the sunrise which rises upon the world and lends it a golden shine. It unfolds its incomparable character with fresh citrus notes and pink pepper. Golden Wings shines with the indescribable strength of an engaging mixture of rose, jasmine and luxuriant Ylang-Ylang which reflects the innocence of the young day, and seduces with the magic energy from musk and a touch of vanilla. The playful contrast of dry wooden marks and caramel lends this very uniqe fragrance its sensuous signature.






The flowery fragrance AURORA is inspired by the unique beauty of the gently raising morning. It unfolds its enchanting character with fruit notes of tangerines and green apple. AURORA shines with sensuality and heavenly passion where lovely roses combine with angelically peonies. The presence of lily of the valley celebrates a mystic romance of the moment. The warm tones of cedar and musk lend the fragrance a gauzy and sensual signature.


Headnote: shining fruit notes of tangerine and green apple
Heartnote: lily of the valley
Basenote: notes of cedar and musk




The oriental and flowery fragrance LUNA is inspired by the tempting promise of the night getting ready for an unforgettable adventure. Glossy black currants melt with the flavorings of a white peach forming an incomparable fruity note and open the frangrance's heart. LUNA shines with the power of a fascinating and hypnotic mixture of rose, violets and jasmine flowers reflecting the night. The magic energy of the fragrance seduces and shines through in gauzy facets of musk and vanilla.
The elegance of amber lends it a romantic and mysterious charme.


Flowery, oriental
Headnote: rose, violets, jasmine flowers
Heartnote: black currants, flavorings of a white peach
Basenote: gauzy facets of musk and vanilla




The heavenly and feminine fragrance LOVE is inspired by the unique feeling angels give us. Gentle as a first sprout – or always present. The magical fragrance reveals the shimmering note of tangerine combined with the spicy facets of pink pepper. The fragrance's heart is formed by the sensuality of jasmine in combination with the beauty and the lively purity of lily of the valley and iris. A beguiling aura is formed by a harmonic tone of musk, cedar and sandalwood. Leaves of amber complete the lovingly impression – and worth a present for every woman.


Flowery, oriental
Headnote: notes of tangerine, combined with facets of pink pepper
Heartnote: Jasmine, lily of the valley, iris
Basenote: harmonic tone of musk, cedar and sandalwood